David Boffa to Direct Episode 1

David Boffa with actor.
Photo credit: Randy Slagle.

Chicago 139 Productions announced David Boffa as the director for Episode 1 of Staydream.  Mr. Boffa previously worked on Staydream as the principle behind-the-scenes videographer for the pilot episode.

Originally from New Jersey, Mr. Boffa lived in Maine and Rome, Italy, before moving to Wisconsin five years ago.  He is an art historian by training and filmmaker by disposition, with a wealth of experience in independent film.  He has written, filmed, and directed multiple documentaries, and has been the cinematographer and behind-the-scenes videographer for narrative films.

Mr. Boffa stated that he is, “thrilled to be directing an episode of Staydream, not only for its entertainment value but also for the positive message it has for aspiring women filmmakers everywhere.”

Episode 1 is scheduled to start filming this summer.

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