Casting Information

Chicago 139 Productions is currently casting for Staydream episode two. We are seeking actors for the following roles:

Oscar (20) – A well-spoken dork that moves boldly through the world. A born orator with little to say. Has the confidence and poise of a more charming person. Enjoys holding court. Any gender, any ethnicity.

Jared (18) – A kind, helpful soul that can’t read the room. Well-meaning, always aims to be helpful, but poor at reading social cues. Trusting and loyal. Not clear on how their body interacts with the world. Any gender, any ethnicity.

Clare Gale (40+) – An imposing administrator and the bane of students with incomplete paperwork. A terse, crotchety grump. She ensures things move at her speed, the speed of bureaucracy. Any ethnicity.

Cameron (20) – A short, decisive seeker of beauty. Rarely satisfied. Often in motion. Paces while talking through ideas. Temperamental.

Carl (20) – A tall, pensive, tree-like seeker of understanding. An attentive listener, but can come off as aloof. Tentative and flexible. Unsure. Soft-spoken. Still.

LARPers – Live action role players that attend a community college. Any gender, any ethnicity.

Interested actors should submit a resume, headshots, and the character they would like to audition for to the casting director. Sides for that character will be returned so that actors can submit their auditions as taped recordings with a link provided.