Casting Information

Chicago 139 Productions is currently casting for Staydream episode two. We are seeking actors for the following roles:

Oscar (20) – A well-spoken dork that moves boldly through the world. A born orator with little to say. Has the confidence and poise of a more charming person. Enjoys holding court. Male, any ethnicity.

Jared (18) – A kind, helpful soul that can’t read the room. Well-meaning, always aims to be helpful, but poor at reading social cues. Trusting and loyal. Not clear on how their body interacts with the world. Male, any ethnicity.

LARPers (extras) – Live action role players that attend a community college. Any gender, any ethnicity.

Angry Customer (non-speaking) – Entitled and self important. Use wealth and status to feel superior. Age 25-55. Male, any ethnicity.

Barista (non-speaking) – A beverage artist that is forced to wear a smile while being berated by an angry customer. Age 20-25. Any gender, any ethnicity.

Crew 1 – Pat – When they don’t know something, they ask questions. The kind of person who whispered in church so loud the pastor had to stop their sermon. Age 18-20. Any gender, any ethnicity.

Crew 2 – Becky – A know-it-all, or a teacher’s pet. They understood the meaning of the green light in the Great Gatsby without reading the Spark Notes. Age 18-20. Female, any ethnicity.

Dealer – Modern hip gangster. A shady character. Everything they say is threatening in a way that is almost incriminating. Age 30-50. Male, Italian.

Home Theater Student – Really into TVs and sound systems. Likes showing off their bass and their black levels. Loves the Super Bowl, indifferent to football. Only watches Blu-Rays. Age 20. Any gender, any ethnicity.

Hummus Lover – A hummus enthusiast. A true believer in the power of chickpeas. Happy, passionate, and welcoming. Age 20. Any gender, any ethnicity.

Mugger (non-speaking) – Gruff and dangerous. He’s not proud of what he has to do, but knows he’s good at it. Age 30-50. Male, any ethnicity.

Oscar’s Mom – A Midwestern mom that’s proud of her son and willing to wage war with the PTA to prove it. Age 40-55. Female, any ethnicity.

Pamphlet Student – Looking for their place in the world. Open to new experiences. Thinks you can learn a lot about an organization by reading its About page on their website. Trusting.  Age 18-20. Any gender, any ethnicity.

People Watcher (non-speaking) – Intensely shy. Observant. Big, darting, hesitant eyes. Comfortable in crowds. Age 20. Any gender, any ethnicity.

Professor – A battle-worn educator. What started as a passion has faded in the face of indifferent students. They believe in the power of history, but it isn’t enough to get them through the day anymore. Age 30-65. Any gender, any ethnicity.

Robert ‘Fixin Post’ (non-speaking)- A tall, muscular boxer. Looks like he is carved from granite and knows he’s a winner. Age 30. Male, any ethnicity.

Street Performer  (non-speaking)- A living statue who has great control over their body and a love of body paint. Probably mimes on rainy days. Any age, any gender, any ethnicity.

Vlad – A kind, confused Russian man that’s new to the area, and to movie sets. He doesn’t speak English, but when his Realtor seemed to need help with something, he volunteered. Any age, male, Russian.


Interested actors should submit a resume, headshots, and the character they would like to audition for to the casting director. Sides for that character will be returned so that actors can submit their auditions as taped recordings with a link provided.