Staydream Launches New Website

Chicago 139 Productions has launched a new website for its Staydream comedic web series, a project being filmed in and around Madison, Wisconsin.

The new website, located at provides information about the show, a look behind the scenes of the production and an inside look from the point of view of principal actor Nadia Geiger, who plays Nadia Klempner on the show.

The production is the first web series to be shot in the Madison area in recent memory and was written and filmed by a Madison-based crew. Professionals actors in the series hail from Madison, Milwaukee and, most recently for some, Hollywood.


Chicago 139 Establishes Madison Writers Room for Staydream

Madison-based Chicago 139 Productions has established a writers room to begin work on a new comedic web series to be produced in the Madison area. Dave Grundgeiger, executive producer for the Staydream project, said writers have begun to meet weekly to hammer out ideas for the pilot.

“We have a great group of creatives who have come together to work on this project,” Grundgeiger said. “I’m very pleased with what we’re seeing so far and expect to have a finished pilot script within the next few weeks.”

Chicago 139 Productions Launches Staydream Project

Madison-based Chicago 139 Productions announced today that the company would create and produce a comedic web series here with the goal of releasing the pilot in 2017. Dave Grundgeiger, owner of Chicago 139 and executive producer for the Staydream project, said the series would seek out cast and crew who live and work in the local area.

“We have so much creative talent right here. I’m absolutely certain we’re going to see more and more great film projects coming out of Madison, and we want to help drive that growth,” Grundgeiger said.

Chicago 139 expects to launch a writers room to develop ideas for the pilot. For more information, contact the company.