Review from Oliver Robins

Check out what Hollywood actor Oliver Robins had to say about Staydream!

Oliver Robins, best known for his role as “Robbie” in the original Steven Spielberg production of “Poltergeist,” as well as “Poltergeist II,” and the feature comedy “Airplane II,” had an opportunity to check out “Staydream.”

We’re excited to hear what a seasoned filmmaker has to say about “Staydream” while he’s finishing up his most recent horror film “Celebrity Crush” which will be released in 2018, and which Mr. Robins wrote, directed, and stars in.

Here are some of Mr. Robins’ thoughts on Staydream…

“As a USC Film Alum, “Staydream” hits close to home for me — after being accepted to the cinema school, my family had a financial crisis and my tuition money disappeared over night. After a miracle occurred, I was able to attend the famed institution. With that said, this endearing story will connect with anyone with passion and hopes, and the unrelenting desire to pursue those dreams.”

– Oliver Robins (Actor, Writer, Producer, Director)